Traffic Calming

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A point feature representing devices used to control the flow of traffic. Speed humps are rounded raised areas of asphalt on the roadway that are usually 80mm in height. They are placed lengthwise across the roadway, so that drivers cannot avoid traversing them. Speed Tables, like speed humps, are also raised areas of asphalt on the roadway that are usually 80mm in height, but are flattened at the top. Speed tables are typically wide enough for the wheelbase of a car, and have ramps provided at the approaches. Raised intersections are the elevated areas where an entire intersection including crosswalks is raised by using ramps on all approaches. Raised crosswalks are speed tables placed at crosswalk locations with appropriate signage and pavement marking. Traffic circles are raised centre islands located in intersections that provide for right of way control. They require vehicles to circulate counter-clockwise around the island at lower speeds. The centre island can be landscaped or painted to increase visibility and attractiveness.

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