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  • rest-api


    Use the ArcGIS Server REST API Service to develop your own applications.
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  • cosmos


    Use COSMOS - the City Of Surrey Mapping Online System to access a wealth of information on everything from Property Information, Land Use and Zoning, Environment, Imagery,...
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  • sustainability-dashboard

    Sustainability Dashboard

    This dashboard is an important tool in the implementation of the Sustainability Charter, Surrey’s comprehensive 50-year vision for a sustainable city. Use this website to...
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  • historical-imagery-viewer

    Historical Imagery Viewer

    Use the Historical Imagery Viewer to view historical imagery of Surrey, back to 1998. Enter the address and drag the slider bar to see the desired year. The Historical Imagery...
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  • webreg


    Access the enhanced program and facility search page at www.surrey.ca/register The enhanced program and facility search page makes it easy to find and register for Surrey Parks,...
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  • traffic-volume-map

    Traffic Volume Map

    Keep an eye on Surrey traffic volume with our new Surrey Traffic Volume Maps. Notice trends with the traffic volume maps. Then, see live traffic flow on Surrey traffic cameras,...
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  • traffic-camera-map

    Traffic Camera Map

    Monitor traffic flow with us at more than 120 major signalised intersections in Surrey. We'll add more locations as they become available. Use the Traffic Cameras to see...
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