Request Traffic Camera Video Footage

You may request a copy of video footage that may have been recorded from one of Surrey’s traffic cameras. The fee for fulfilling traffic camera video footage requests is $360.00 plus tax.

Recorded video footage from Surrey’s traffic cameras is generally available up to 30 days. We cannot fulfil requests for video footage from cameras located on Provincial highways (e.g. Highway 10, Highway 15, Highway 17, Highway 99, etc.) as the Province does not record or disclose traffic camera video footage.

After submitting the form, Traffic Management Centre staff will perform a search of the recorded and archived video footage to determine if the event was captured in the frame of the video. Typical response time is 5 business days.

The video footage provided generally captures a short period before and after the event. The video can be delivered electronically through a secure hyperlink or the requestor can pick up a DVD from City Hall after payment has been received.

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Last Updated March 19, 2018, 12:52 (PDT)
First Published Date March 19, 2018